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OUR Mission

"Growing disciples, sharing hope, and serving our community"

This mission statement identifies several aspects of our church life that are highly significant to us as a church. The three key words are: growing, sharing and serving. We are intentional about growing disciples. For each member, visitor or anyone else who comes in contact with the church, we want to have an intentional plan for them to grow spiritually. Sharing brings out another core value of our church: outreach or evangelism. Discipleship and evangelism go together. A growing disciple of Jesus is also going to be sharing the love of Jesus. The word hope brings out not only the hope that Jesus gives us in the gospel, but points to the hope of Jesus’ second coming and the unique message that Adventism brings. Lastly in the mission statement, we identify service as another key to our mission. Our mission is not only to grow disciples and to share God’s love, but also to engage with and serve our local community in meaningful ways.

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