Fri, Jul 22


1480 West Romeo Rd., Leonard, MI 48367

Church Camping (Addison Oaks)

Social, Recreational and Spiritual Needs Met

Church Camping (Addison Oaks)

Time & Location

Jul 22, 3:00 PM – Jul 24, 1:00 PM

1480 West Romeo Rd., Leonard, MI 48367

About the Event

Addison Oaks Campground 

The camping will include programs for all ages, including worship, hiking, bonfires, marshmallows, and lots of fellowship in nature.


·  Friday evening – Campers are encouraged to bring pizza for a joint meal at 7:00 PM.

·  Saturday morning breakfast – Individual meal. Campers provide their food.

·  Saturday lunch – Campers are encouraged to bring one or two “haystacks” items (e.g., rice, beans, avocado, salad, salsa, etc.) for fellowship meal. For more information contact Pat Cook at 586-344-6357.

·  Saturday afternoon – This meal will be provided by the Warren Seventh-day Adventist Church. There will be vegetarian hotdogs, corn, s’mores, etc.

·  Sunday morning brunch – Campers provide their food, plus left over food. 

Do I have to bring a stove or grill?

·  Not necessarily. If you can, that’s nice, otherwise don’t worry.

·  A couple people have already indicated that they will bring stoves or grills.

·  Each group campsite has 1 (one) grill available.

·  In each individual sites there is electricity for crockpots and other devices.

·  Firewood can be bought at the camp ground.

I don’t have a tent!

·  The Warren Seventh-day Adventist Church has 7  (seven) tents available. If you need one, request it to Michael Fisher at 586-675-4379.

·  We have 5 tents that fit 3 people comfortably each.

·  We have 2 tents that fit 5 to 6 people.

What are some activities during the camping weekend?

· Friday afternoon (check in time, 3:00 pm) – Volleyball, biking, etc.   

. Friday night – Fellowship meal (pizza) and vespers

·  Saturday morning – Sabbath school and worship service

·  Saturday afternoon – Fellowship meal (“haystacks”) and nature activities 

·  Saturday evening (starting at 6:00) – Fellowship meal (hotdogs & burgers), sundown worship, and more fellowship

·  Sunday morning – breakfast and recreational activities (pedal boats, mountain bike ride—bring your bike) 

I have a pet, am I allowed to bring them?

·  Yes, as long as they stay in a leash.

I am coming just for the day, what should I know?

·  The Warren Church will make provision to cover your daily pass after the Sabbath. 

· We recommend people carpooling to avoid paying for more daily passes.

· Bring food item(s) for “haystacks” Saturday fellowship meal.

Enjoy your time!





  • Per Adult (18 years & older)


    This ticket includes camping access for the 2 nights of camping and one Saturday evening meal.




  • Minors (17 years & under)


    This ticket includes camping access for the 2 nights of camping and one Saturday evening meal.






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